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Honey Baby
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Honey Baby
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Pure and innocent Honey spent her whole life in a cell caged up by human scientist that study and experiment on her kind, werewolves. She finally get's freedom when her lab get's attacked and she is freed along with all of the other trapped wolves.
     Their savior is the alpha king known as king Damien and he's there to get back his Luna who had been foolishly taken by the scientist.
      After finding out what was happening to all of the poor wolves he decided he would help. Some went back to their old pack, Most went rouge, And what was left, joined his pack.
     Honey decided to join him and get settled...well...to her best ability being that's she's still being hunted by scientist, She starts school, Gets a job and starts training to become a pack warrior.
      She also finds her mate.....
     Will he like her or throw her away?

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Total Reading Time: 1 hour 53 minutes
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