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Song of the White Wolf
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Song of the White Wolf
Rosserue Alatariel
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A long time ago, this world was very different. Magic existed, and monsters roamed free. In this old world, there dwelt a people named the Kin. These people were warriors, men with abilities no other's possessed. 

They alone stood against the tide of darkness that threatened to drown the world so many decades ago. But now, there is only one left. 

He is the last of the Kin, and a great burden falls upon his shoulders. His powers are the only thing able to save the world.

But more than demons work against him. The king of Malory, an evil ruler called Marix, seeks him out, wishing to utilise his skills for his own ends. 

But that's a long time in the making, so let's start at the beginning of his story...

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