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The Light of Thunderclan
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The Light of Thunderclan
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A mysterious voice begins to talk to Darkpaw as her apprenticeship draws to a close. The unknown cat offers her something she can’t refuse and before she knows it, she’s closer to her lifelong goal than ever before. Follow Darkpaw through her journey as she uncovers dark secrets about a Starclan and even herself. 

A/N: Okay, I know exactly what y’all are thinking. A Warrior Cats story? Isn’t that something a sixth grader would write during their angsty years and make their warriors OC the offspring of forbidden love as well as the descendant of scourge and also has powers and ANGST ANGST ANGST. Well, I’ll have you know that is exactly when I wrote this story, but I’ve been rereading it (so cringy I swear). It honestly has a pretty good storyline and with some editing I think it could be enjoyable for y’all.

DISCLAIMER: The Warrior Cats world and characters directly from the books belong to the Erins. Also not everything will be accurate or canon in this story so don’t @ me. Art for the cover is not mine, credit to original artist. Thanks! :D

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