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The Chance Meeting With An Old Flame Contest
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The Chance Meeting With An Old Flame Contest
Judging: Community Vote
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Write a piece of writing that is inspired by the following: 

'You have a chance meeting with an old flame whom you were separated from when your parents and yourself moved to another country when both you and your old flame were fourteen years of age.

Whilst not being able to properly say goodbye your old flame back then has haunted you ever since the day you left even though you only could not go over to see them as you were already too distraught that you would likely never see them again and knew going over to see them would only make you even more distraught.

You tried to keep in touch with your old flame and for a few years you managed to keep in contact with your old flame but after that they found someone else and you got from them less and less contact until you lost contact with your old flame altogether.

Whilst you have been in other romantic relationships over the years, you have never really found anyone that you love or loved as much as you did love and still love your old flame.

You proceed talk with you old flame and you discuss old times with your old flame and you love being back with them again but you cannot help but notice your old flame seems rather distant.'

This can be written in first person or second person or third person.

The judging of this contest has been set to like count and will last twelve weeks from Friday 22nd November 2019.

Have fun and good luck!

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