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That's The Chaos Theory!!!
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That's The Chaos Theory!!!
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They say love is complicated, knows no bounds, blah blah blah. But can love flower out of the simple things in life such as a wallet?? Let's assume that it happened. So far so good, right?

Pfft. Thought it'd be easy? You're so wrong. Read on to find out about the endless trials thrown at these two people who're not even sure about what they're doing! Oh and don't forget to give your opinions and like it if it's good to read!

One thing however. This story is long with a capital 'L'. If you do not like stories with struggles and drama, that is; if you're looking for a short and sweet romance story, this is obviously not for you. Also, this story does not conform to a particular genre. It is a mix of Romance, school life, late teenage thoughts, drama, suspense, fights, angst, sorrow and humour, so as much as it'll cater to the tastes of many readers, there won't be any long scenes involving any one genre.

I started this work after reading a manga. Since it was rated 18+ and was completely illogical at many places, I thought of converting the whole thing into a literary work suitable for a younger audience. The effort it took? About two years of sitting in front of my computer. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :) 

Feedback is most welcome. I'm a college student so I'm packed with schedules, but I'll try to update my works at least once every two weeks. That's all for now. Go ahead and give it a read, hope you like it :)

Remember, reviews are food for authors so please don't forget to feed me on the way out! 

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