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The Chaos Family
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The Chaos Family
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Short blurb for those who can’t be bothered reading: 

Ar Chaos’s family hold a guy hostage at their home after he finds out about their supernatural abilities.

Meanwhile, someone is out killing people with supernatural abilities, and is targeting the Chaos family now.

Extended blurb: 

Everyone in the Chaos family is gifted with a supernatural power—from the ability to create fire, heal fast, charm people, fly or become invisible; they have it all. 

But their abilities soon come with a price when they become the target of a serial killer who seems hell bent on taking them out. 

19-year-old Ar Chaos is the eldest child of the infamous Chaos family. Her gift is mind control. However, unlike her family, she doesn’t use her power, and has made an oath to never use it on anyone again...asides from her siblings, of course.

But that all changes when she bumps into the university’s golden boy, June, because:

1- He’s always in a good mood

2- She can’t read his thoughts...?

3- He seems to know something about the serial killing, something he shouldn’t know.

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Total Reading Time: 52 minutes
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