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Humans often fear what is unknown. What is beyond sight, beyond science.. The mere concept can be terrorizing.

Benjamin Augensteine was not expecting to plow into the semi-truck.

Benjamin, upon wakening, witnessed the most terrifying thing in his entire life.. (The second most terrifying being a rather unpleasant visit to a public restroom)  

This ..thing.. was known as a ghost. An actual unliving, sophisticated, extremely bored ghost. 

That was the first one. There were many more unpleasantries to follow.

There's a difference between a good ghost- Meaning the people who deliberately try to cut out your WiFi for a few minutes, -and the bad ghosts. Benjamin happens to be in the mix of both types. As a neutral, he's  one of the few who aren't too keen on this whole ghost business. In fact, Benjamin refuses to believe in such a thing. 

So, with ghost bandits and ghost saints trying to win over Benjamin, an anti-ghost believer, with a mourning friend who seems to be the only person that can be consulted with- All while having to keep up with ghostly duties, -this supernatural tale brings one hell of a ride.

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