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He, Too, Is Alexander
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He, Too, Is Alexander
Mara-James Canfield
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A retelling of the love of Alexander and Hephaestion, set in modern day.

Henry Price is a student at Philip Grayson Academy, an all-boys private school. A Latin teacher's assistant, he mostly keeps to himself, bearing his existence from day to day in the school's dorms, rarely setting foot outside of campus. Until he meets Alexander.

Alexander Grayson carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. At school, he is friendly with everyone but is friendless, is renowned as the school's golden boy, and drives a classic car too fast. But at home, he is alone in dealing with his parents' tumultuous love affair, shielding his younger sister from their father's drunken rages, and the pressure of the of the greatness expected of him.

They are an unlikely pair, but they need each other. Together, they are the counterweight to each other's lives, and, some would say, one soul in two bodies.

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