Notes: School of War
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Notes: School of War
Author: Polydragons


No Plagiarism!qhSCYeYOi9pKOLmBNIqPposted on PENANA

Chimera are magical constructs, sometimes aided by science. All chimera were a living creature before modification. Magic cannot create life, only modify it. Most often they were an animal. Occasionally they were human.134Please respect copyright.PENANARa2K6Ccssr
copyright protection130PENANAosyWzpgMpv

The range of modifications is nearly infinite, held back only by imagination and the limitations of magic. The biggest limitation is that because spells end when concentration stops all modifications have to be permanent and non-magical. The relatively new invention, glyphs, has become a popular way to get around the non-magical limitation. The first attempts during the Second Dark Age were horrific and always fatal.134Please respect copyright.PENANAeOEQWIUPSo
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Most chimera are still fertile with the base creature. Aka a chimera that was once a dog could mate with another dog. In this case the offspring would carry all the traits of the chimera before modification. The rest are infertile, except for less than 1%, which are capable of reproducing with chimera with the same modifications. Of that 1% too few are available to make a stable population.copyright protection130PENANAzZ8oLvZydq

This is unless the mage creating them intends to create a new race. While difficult it is possible. A few new races have been made with this intent and are stable. Some are attempted recreations of mythical creatures. Example: The Phoenix area is currently overrun by Chimera with fertile and reproducing Dragons. Made from dogs, they lack the size of the mythical versions of them, and the intelligence. They remain warm blooded, and can use their magical energy to cast fireballs, but nothing else. Dragons are also incubated in the womb, not eggs, like mammals, and are born in litters like dogs.134Please respect copyright.PENANAiqsL7UYjlL
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This is a highly experimental field, and illegalized in most cities for multiple reasons. First is human/animal rights. These modifications of this extreme nature are extremely painful and usually fatal. The second is the fear that a chimera may turn on its creator and then the rest of the city (A valid fear, look at phoenix). The last is simply a bi-product of the prejudice against chimera.134Please respect copyright.PENANAJdVMY2obvR
copyright protection130PENANAldB833T9ut

Human chimera face a lot of prejudice and are often shunned. They are considered sub-human and the most they can hope for is sympathy for what they were put through, often with an attached "you'd have been better off dead than left like that." This has left most with few job options, forcing them to resort to theft. This only causes the view that they are evil or born criminals, which ends in a never ending loop making their lot harder. Another difficulty adding to the belief they are sub-human is often their intelligence is stunted by the alterations.134Please respect copyright.PENANACJFhzB0trS
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