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The Elegy
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The Elegy
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Six friends.

One of them is dead

Five are telling their story

but only one is telling the truth


On a hill, there was a white tower. Everybody was curious, every student wanted to pay it a visit. But only six lucky friends had seen what was in the white tower thanks to their tickets. Their tickets? Themselves. 

They were told they were special; they were told they could change the world. And the adults were right. Until one of them died for an unknown reason. Until the remaining five boys decided to leave the white tower and live a normal life.

Ten years later, they choose to reconcile, to patch their wounded friendship. But visiting the past comes with a price. All the things they'd thought were gone, are now coming back for them, hunting them. Now, they have no choice but to face the consequences and try to unravel the mystery behind the death of their friend. 

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