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Crimson Gloom
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Crimson Gloom
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Crimson Gloom.

The time when the moon turns crimson, illuminating the landscape with its crimson glow.

The time when the ‘doors’ to the Crimson Abyss open.

One shall gaze into the abyss and gain its secrets, its powers. Concurrently, the abyss also gazes into oneself, gaining one’s sanity, one’s humanity.

Dimensional rifts appeared spontaneously on Earth, bringing otherworldly demons along with the Crimson Gloom onto Earth. Many battles were fought, many sacrifices made. Humans eventually sealed and successfully defending their homeworld.

Alas, the seals were not perfect. The Crimson Abyss continued to exist, slowly influencing Earth and its inhabitants.

Half a century of relatively uneventful years passed… humanity slowly descended into corruption, but none knew of the effects of the Crimson Abyss.

Is there only the dreadful gloom left to the world? Can one find brightness in the increasingly gloomy world?

The youth who had gazed into the Crimson Abyss had no answer, nor did he care. He only wanted the Crimson Gloom to end.

How will it end?

This novel will be posted on RoyalRoad pending confirmation.

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