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The Picture Prompt Challenge
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The Picture Prompt Challenge
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Hello writers!

I am Alice and after the success of the first writing contest that I hosted here on Penana, I'm back for contest number two! This time, I will be sharing a picture here, which is your writing prompt. Your task is to use what you see in the picture and write a short story. It can be any genre, reading age that you like but would be handy if any trigger warnings were mentioned somewhere in your entry.

Without further ado, here is the prompt for the challenge!:

Shadow, Girl, Butterfly, Silhouette, Window


- Your entry must be between 500-3000 words long, not shorter, not longer

- Entries must be written in English

- Please state the total word count of your entry somewhere in your entry

- Spelling, Grammar will be judged. I am the judge for this challenge and decisions are final

- OPTIONAL BUT MUCH APPRECIATED: It would be lovely if you could follow me here on Penana, to show your support for future writing contests I plan to host in due course. 

You have exactly one month from now until entries will close. Submissions after that time won't be accepted. Only one entry per user.

Good luck!

Alice x

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