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Her Royal Destiny
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Her Royal Destiny
RS Torres
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A royal princess.

Peculiar abilities.

An unknown planet.

An unfinished war.

Thirsty revenge.

Life vs. Death.



He's back.

He's back. That's all Gabrielle McHale ever hears. After not seeing and hearing from Falcon since the 8th grade, he comes back to finish up his senior year of high school at Olympion Academy. If some things never change for best friends, then why is Falcon hiding something? Most importantly, why did Falcon leave those few years ago?

Why now?

When Falcon Daniels arrived back home after almost four years, the last thing he would ever expect was to find Gabrielle, the little girl he was best friends with since the second grade, to grow into quite a woman. A beautiful one at that. No matter what old feelings stir up, he is back to complete one of the most important missions given to him from a high order. But will he complete it before it is too late?

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