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Kill a Character
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Kill a Character
M. V.
Judging: Community Vote
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Hello! This is my first contest I'm making! 

The power is always in the writer when it comes to determining who to kill off! The prompt for this contest is to write a short story that at some point, a known character dies. They can die in ANY way you want as the author, and the short story can have any theme or genre. BUT YOU NEED TO have clearly identified that character before they die and they should have at least some role to play in your story that's significant. 

Gore and violence is okay with this kind of contest, just try to make it something people will actually want to read. You don't have to kill off your character violently. 

The point of this contest is to make it suspenseful and something that nobody will see coming. Everyone reading knows somebody is going to die. Just not who. Keep that in mind, because this contest's winners will be determined by like count of the readers. 

Readers! Remember to like your favorite stories so the winner can be determined!

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