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The Five Secrets_Ezra Gatley
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The Five Secrets_Ezra Gatley
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This story came to me when I was very young, and before I got into high school, seeing that from movies, it was clear that tons of people struggled with certain things. At the time, though, I wasn't aware of as much, though I made a list of five certain things I believed at the time people would struggle with, and put it into this series.

This is the first one out of the entire series, and it follows a 16 year old teenager who is struggling to come out, worried about what his parents will think of it, and what everyone else will think, too. 

SOME of the chapters are pretty long, so my apologies for that. But, this story has an adorable love story tied into all of it, and it's probably one of my favorites out of the entire series. So, I hope you enjoy!

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