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A Narrative of You and Me
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A Narrative of You and Me
Alef Magnus
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Premise: A man goes into the dreamworld of his wife in coma to bring her back to life.

Synopsis: A couple on the brink of separation spends their night apart from each other only leading to the demise of the wife in a fatal car accident, leaving her in a vegetative state. Broken and filled with guilt, the man would do anything to be with his wife once again. A new, secret scientific program that has not been put to test gives him a hope to once again communicate with his wife.

Through a machine that can align specific brain patterns of two people together, the husband finds himself sharing a dream with his wife. In this plane, he can be with her once again. On the surface, the facility becomes uninhabitable and the people working on the system abandoned the project never to look back.

Trapped in a malfunctioning dream plane, the husband is now forced to relive their love story in different ways possible. Every time he falls asleep in the dream, he wakes up to a different narrative wherein he has to find his wife all over again and try to spend as much time with her as he can. Will he ever escape this situation or will he try to live forever with his wife in this state?

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