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His Painless Touch
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His Painless Touch
Tessa M.
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A boy who feels nothing, and a girl who feels everything...


KELSIE ELLIS can't go anywhere without experiencing someone else's pain. Diagnosed with an acute case of mirror-touch synthaesthesia since she was little, one bad experience and she was automatically placed into a plain, five-by-seven padded room in Saint Michael's Institute under the guise of keeping herself from experiencing any more excruciating pain...  No visitors are allowed to see her outside of the staff, so she's alone with nothing but her thoughts and the endless silence, which could drive anybody crazy.

 Until she gets her first visitor ever.

When 23 year old HUNTER BARRET—born with the inability to feel pain and emotionally closed off—is sent in to meet with her from a desperate request from his father, everything logical is thrown out the window...

Because when they touch, crazy things happen, and life as they know it has changed around them—for better or worse.

 Is this new discovery a gift or a curse when their own hearts are on the line??

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