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The Four Leaf Clover
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The Four Leaf Clover
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"You scare everyone."

"No I don't." 

"Yes, you do. You scare everyone because you don't need anyone else. Because you use independence as your weapon. And I think that's the greatest weapon you can have."


In Eleptia, the Society is aware of everything taking place. It knows what we are destined to be and who our soulmate is. That's what keeps us reigned in, our loved ones. We love and get weaker and just watch them get stronger and stronger, with nothing we can do about it.

Every year, a child of magical origin is named the clover at the Ceremony of Adulthood. The clover along with their soulmate is trapped and forced to fight unto death.

The soulmate always gets stronger powers. They are normal but the pills of power make them stronger than ever. It's as if the Society wants the clover dead. Desperately.

But that's only because it does.

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