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Hello Reader.

I would like to inform you that this is my first ever contest.

The rules of the contest go as follows: Every contestant must enter three different entries – one named “P”, one named “A”, and the last named “P.L.I.”. There can be healthy rivalry amongst the contestants, though no harsh words are to be said amongst them; if hurtful words are spoken, the speaker will be disqualified. Last, but not least, every entry has a copyright, which means no ideas are to be taken from another contestant and labelled your own. You will be disqualified if this happens to be the case.

The task of the contest is to create three characters, the first is to be the Protagonist, the second the Antagonist, and the third will be the Protagonist’s Love Interest.

The Protagonist can be male or female, depending on which you find easier to work with. They must also be mentally unstable, which is unusual, though there will be a reason behind it. They must be part of the second dormitory in a boarding school known as the “Blood Departments”, which takes responsibility in protecting the students of the school. Instead of regular lessons, they’ll be taught things necessary to aid them with this task.

The Antagonist can be male or female, though must have a horrible personality. They must also be the most popular of the “Day Departments”, which is a collection of regular students whose parents have a lot of money and/or power. They can be male or female, depending on which gender you feel will correspond with your main character.

The Protagonist’s Love Interest can be male or female, depending on your character’s preference of relationship choice. They can be from either the Blood or Day Departments, depending on how you wish your entry to go. Their love can be irresponsible or taboo; I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Give your characters a wild appearance, or one that entrances everyone. Let them use weapons that do and do not exist. Let them be led by their head, or their heart, or purely by instinct alone. Give them Magick that sends Telepathy into the chains of normality. Combine species and turn them into a thing of dreams, or of nightmares. Let them explain a past too horrible to read, or give them a name with a deeper meaning than most. The design is completely up to you.

The winners will be chosen based on my analysis, meaning not just your ability to present your character will be taken into consideration. If one person wins all three places, then so be it. The series the characters will be entered in will be named “Mad Alice”, and their creators will aid me in creating seven different books, following the winning Protagonist’s storyline.

There are no word limits, nor are there any limits on your imagination, so don’t hesitate to let it run wild. You never know, your craziest idea may be the reason you achieve first place.

Let the fun begin.

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