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A Journey to Adafus
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A Journey to Adafus
Lij Wynter
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*I will halt the production of new chapters for a while.. School y'know... jajajaja, im not Spanish. New chapters by the end of the month, and more corrections eventually. I hit a bit of a road block ni terms of ideas and how to progress, but over the last few days I have been able to craft some new ones, but my school work is making it hard to implement them. More content from me in a while, till then, keep doing you.*

An elder poet living out the rest of his days in his village goes in a flurry when a strange letter comes into his possession. Upon reading its contents he immediately sets out of his village to the lost city of Adafus. He quests on this journey to reinvigorate the people of the towns struck by the primordial entity known as the Lich. With the seal containing this depraved deity weakened, it is his task to reseal it to prevent the downfall of his country and eventually the world. Join him on his long trek through the country as he collects and shares his poetry to give the people hope and strength to resist the influence of the Lich. 

*From the author*

Hello, I am Nathan, or Nate, whichever. I hope this book of collective poetry will grab your attention and keep you entertained, as I aim to make this my first published book and would LOVE to hear your feedback so I can make improvements. 

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