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Quote The Now
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So, I know a lot of quote contests circulate around this website a lot for contests.  And, like most of them, this one will be a little different from the last.  

As the title states, your challenge will be to "Quote The Now."  Which means that you're going to write a quote based on something significant going on in your life right now.  So, for example, if you're in a season of transition, maybe write a quote about change.  It can range from something vague, to something very specific.  I'd like to keep the word count under 50, but for the sake of expression, we'll make the word limit 100.

Another important feature.  This is a LIKED BASED CONTEST.  That being said, there's going to be a few different rules...


1.) No liking your own issue!

2.) Please take time and read all the issues.  (I know this sounds dumb, and I'm not saying to read them all word-for-word, but make sure you've given each issue at least somewhat of your attention.)

3.) Word limit: 100 words

4.) Quote must be relevant to contest conditions.

Okay, that about sums everything up!  If you guys have any questions, feel free to drop a question in the comment section.

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