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Distorted Colours
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Distorted Colours
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I came up with the idea for this story about a year ago... But sadly in the stress of last year, I had a year long art block. Which sucked. This whole story evolved immensely from the short prologue I wrote back in August after creating a random character on a character creator. In time that character became the main character of this story, Arliss. I now have loads of ideas about what I'm going to do with this, most of which I've come up with while listening to songs (I love you distorted colours playlist) so hopefully I'll actually write more than the prologue this time. I have no idea how regularly I'll be updating this.... Just depends on how much time I have and when I actually figure out the order of all the story's events and how to write them... so yup this is a work in progress, so I'll be following the story as well as you, but I hope, when I actually write more, that you'll enjoy the story and maybe even love the characters like I do.

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