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What's Wrong Mr. Catalyst?
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What's Wrong Mr. Catalyst?
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I pulled up to the school, sighing to himself. All I'd ever asked wanted was a peaceful life but - naturally - I *had* to be the Beta's son. Slugging my way up the front stairs of the Luna Star Academy, I pulled open the creaking doors. The lobby was ominously quiet. Students were milling around, teachers shoo-ing them into their own classes.

As I begin to drift off in thought, the sound of footsteps slapping against the marble floor send me straight back to reality with a jolt.

"Andrew! Wait up!" Cristin - an old friend of mine - runs up to me and slaps me on my back. I shake my head in disbelief.

"What, Cristin?"I growled, rubbing my spine to soothe the sting. For such a small boy, he had such a strong hand!

"So our principal?" Oh, Lord - is it time for some more 'Pointless Daily Gossip', presented by Cristin Smith? "He's the Alpha of our pack." Cristin smiled at me, winking. I blink. What is he trying to insinuate here?

"So you think I should get friendly with him?" I roll my eyes. "Yeah, right - you do know Alpha Catalyst is known as 'Gay Bach. Catalyst', right?" Cristin frowns; he knows this isn't the real reason. I shake my head - as if I'd talk about that sort of sh** in the freakin' foyer! Sure I had a bit of a history... I guess. But Cristin and me? Well, at least we weren't the only LGBTQs here. Okay, so technically the lead quarterback was bi., and the lacrosse goalie is just trans - but we were in with a shot, right? There must be more than these two, surely! But everyone knows the fitnesss kids just use other guys for their... 'needs'. In comparison - I'm an innocent, new-born baby!

"Whatever." Cris 'hurrumphs', stalking off toward our dorm. "If you don't wanna up your position from a... lowly Omega - than that's fine with me."

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