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In a galaxy governed by a powerful alliance, wizards and mages are the guardians of peace, wielding extraordinary magic and the unique power known as the "Voice." This ability, unlike ordinary spells, is deeply personal and irreplicable, marking its possessor with singular prowess.

However, the universe is in turmoil. The death of the Alliance's greatest hero, Kayn, at the hands of the ruthless Demon Lord, has left a gaping void in the leadership and threatened the fragile order. Amidst this chaos, a diverse group of young cadets from the prestigious Sorna Military Academy is thrust into the forefront of a looming conflict.

Meet Unit A1:

Takeru and Takemichi Windrider - Celestial mage twins whose synergy in battle is unmatched.
Kurosawa Kamo - A mysterious figure with hidden depths.
Kai Zamira - A fierce Arcadian warrior with a strong sense of honor.
Reiko Sato - A navigator whose melodies guide their journey.
Dustin McCoy - The cocky cowboy with a knack for getting into and out of trouble.
Ren Takagi - The carefree mage whose laid-back demeanor belies his formidable skills.
Zoran Krasic - A brooding ex-miner, driven by a deep-seated grudge.

As these recruits face rigorous training and their first daunting missions, they must navigate personal rivalries, unveil secretive agendas, and confront a rising demonic threat. Their journey will take them across the galaxy, facing treacherous enemies and uncovering the secrets behind the coveted "Military."

Will they be able to rise above their challenges and fill the void left by Kayn's death? Can they prevent the Alliance from splintering under the weight of war and internal strife?

Join Unit A1 on an epic quest filled with thrilling battles, complex characters, and a fight for the very soul of their galaxy. As they discover their destinies and forge their paths, only the strongest will emerge to lead the future.

New chapters are released regularly, so dive into the action and witness the rise of a new generation of heroes!

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