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The Way He Walks
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The Way He Walks
Lawence Tirdony
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The footprints sewn into the filled snow.

As they stepped, you could hear the condensing of the snow beneath their feet.

And its wonderful sound, along with the talk of a son and father.

"Father, why did they look at you as such?" The boy asked.

"My name has been tainted."

"How? I have never met anyone else with your name." 

"You would never meet him, because the man that taints my name is dead." The father responds.

He continues, "The man they judge me by doesn't even exist within our world. Only rumors from people over the realm make me seem like the enemy."

"So you are hated because of another's actions?"

The father nods his head.

"My name, tainted because of the actions of someone much worse than I am."

He whispers under his breath, "And Oden is not my name."

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