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Welcome to BERIES-5 Romance! 



The limited-time free stories in this series will no longer be available after July 11th. However, we are excited to announce that going forward, the stories featured will be sourced from the author-readers and can be read freely without a cost. Our free story access expires soon, so be sure to check out the collection before it's too late!!


Get ready to be swept away by captivating tales of love, desire, and the timeless power of the human heart. These enchanting stories will transport you to worlds filled with tender moments, passionate embraces, and the sweet blossoming of affection between soulful characters. Don't be surprised if you find yourself falling head-over-heels in love alongside them, your own heart fluttering with the thrill of romance. Prepare to be enchanted by these spellbinding stories that celebrate the beautiful and transformative nature of love.


Why is it called BERIES-5?

BERIES-5 is short for BEARly's mini series. This is the first series that I've had the pleasure of posting, featuring a captivating blend of genres for your reading enjoyment. The number 5 stands out, as each story consists of 5 captivating chapters. 



Are you a reader that doesn't like to write and had already read our stories and you find it all boring and doesn't meet your interested point? Well how about make a story of your own! But how?? Simple as it sounds, follow these steps and became a writer, without even have to write with BERIES-5!

1. PICK and CHOOSE an available genre of your choice CORRECTLY,

2. GENERATE an idea or storyline of your own ideal or wanted story then TELL us by chatting on the personal chat. [Don't be afraid, we'll love your stories!],

3. TELL us the specific details like, (roles, characters, plot line, background, etc). Make it as DETAILED as you can,

4. Your story will be FINISHED in a few hours after we're done replying to you,

5. We will POST your name in the story/issue as a credit for your idea, (Exp: bla bla bla - Someone)

NOTICE: In this series, we'll NOT post stories that contains a MORE DARKER or MATURED CONTENT that aren't capable below 21 years old because of important matters, hope you understand and happy reading! <3

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