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Ravenlight the Series
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Ravenlight the Series
Alexander Stormsong
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{New Chapters every Tuesday @7PM CST}
    A fantastical series of weekly chapters featuring Chapter Art/Manga Panels.
Current Saga: #1- Scarlet Dawn

| Saga 1 Summary |
    Following the near collapse of her clan, 17 Y.O. Elise Bakuuva has ventured out into an unknown mystical world of ancients and magics in search of answers. Her quest to stop those who brought dread onto her people has just begun, yet she already finds herself in the mechanics of a new plan that threatens to topple an entire nation. The Nation of Sarzento, built upon a past of conquest and subjugation, now faces revolts from the native Drachen tribes which have been instigated by the Vampiric who would gain to prosper off of such chaos. With neither side willing to seek compromise- the outcome seems inevitable, and with it the reality of a tremendous loss of life.

    Time is ticking for Elise, and it isn’t just the corrupt politicians speeding up the clock. Eager eyes from afar seek to prop up their own victors regardless of the cost to the opposition, some with their own secretive agendas. Will Elise prove capable of saving another set of cultures from destruction, or will the hands of evil prove too much to handle this time round? If her old foes have any say in the matter, it is certain to be an uphill battle.

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