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The Legend Of The Teenage Therian Warriors
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The Legend Of The Teenage Therian Warriors
The Prodigious One
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Many years ago, the ten clans ruled over the forest they lived in. Cheetah, Leopard, Tiger, Lion, Snow Leopard, Fox, Wolf, Jackal, Coyote, and Dhole. With strengths and abilities derived from their totem creatures, each clan's leaders vainly strove against the others. Eventually, a hero arose from clan Cheetah, wild and powerful enough to conquer the nine other clans. Under his will, the clans were brought low, but not destroyed.

Today, the son of that Cheetah clan conquerer, 16 year old Kenji Shedji, moves into a hostel for secret anthropomorphic students to attend school. His fame precedes him in all but name and animal relation, and he is loved by one girl each from each of the ten former clans. Join him on his journey as he upholds his father's reputation while balancing school and romance.

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