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PROJECT MORTUUS: The Pacifist's Violence
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PROJECT MORTUUS: The Pacifist's Violence
L.A. Maxton
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In "The Pacifist's Violence," Mortuus finds himself thrust into a mysterious and dangerous journey after awakening in a pool of blood, his memory foggy from a sinister attack. As he grapples with the reality of shadowy assailants and eerie encounters, Mortuus delves into the heart of darkness lurking in Crater Hollow. With Death as his ever-present companion, Mortuus navigates a treacherous path filled with secrets, betrayal, and supernatural forces. Along the way, he encounters enigmatic figures like Officer Lamb, Jackson Knight, and Sate, each holding pieces of the puzzle that is Mortuus's past and the town's dark history. As Mortuus confronts his own demons and uncovers shocking truths, he must summon all his strength and cunning to unravel the mystery before it consumes him and the town he's sworn to protect. In a gripping tale of suspense and redemption, "The Pacifist's Violence" explores the depths of human nature and the shadows that lurk within us all.

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