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Blame It On The Drugs
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Blame It On The Drugs
Tre Dusa
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f aWell, this story came about listening to the song "Blame It On The Drugs" fanmix, put together by RockyRoadz. I caught some of the lyrics in this song and started brainstorming some events for the story. I plan to write the events as short stories and then piece them together.

I will try to keep my attention, time and writing on this particular story, so I can at least have one story done. I will be writing in storylinecreator first, then upload it to here for you all to read.

Here is the link to the fanmix by RockyRoadz. As you can see the vocals are by Juice WRLD.

Blame It On The Drugs - Juice WRLD [prod. RockyRoadz]: 

If anybody want to be a proofreader or a co-writer, let me know, because I actually need to make some scenes (chapters) longer and I'm working on that. But it would be appreciated if some kind of input was brought in to this story from others.

Update (Issue #1): I was working on this for a few minutes (lol, you can laugh if you want, i don't think its really good but its something). I am currently working on Issue #2; I have something short written for this issue but I am trying to make it longer so be patient with me.

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