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Tropes Reversed
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Hey guys!

Just thought up an interesting contest idea!

We are all familiar with the common tropes as in Rivals to Lovers, Forbidden Love, Chosen One, One bed trope, etc (you get the point.)

I thought it would be fun to see stories with those tropes reversed! 

If youre still confused, worry not. Heres a list of tropes you can choose from if you wish.

  • Enemies Forever: Two characters who despise each other are forced to work together, but their constant hatred makes things worse.

  • Friends Turn Strangers: Best friends discover they have nothing in common after a life-changing event.

  • Plenty of Beds: Stuck together, the characters refuse to share a bed, opting for separate rooms or even the couch.

  • Normal Love Wins: A taboo relationship is widely accepted, but the constant societal questions become tedious.

  • Horrible Memories Revealed: Amnesia reveals a dark past the character wishes they could forget.

  • Brutal Honesty Backfires: Two people are brutally honest, but their true (negative) feelings hurt each other.

  • Needing Space: Stuck together, the characters constantly clash due to their need for solitude.

  • Like Repels Like: Two similar people find their constant agreement boring and crave some disagreement.

  • Villain Wins, Hero Loses: The villain captures the hero who becomes useless and frustrated in captivity.

  • Ordinary Life is Best: The chosen one refuses their destiny, preferring their comfortable life.

  • Victory with Loss: The heroes win, but at a high personal cost, leaving them bittersweet.

(You can choose a different trope but kindly mention it in your story!)


1. Only stories are accepted, no poetry. (Sorry ;-;)

2. Word limit: 3k (ik its alot, but i dont want to limit yall ;-;)

3. Mention the trope you have chosen in the title of the story.

4. Have fun :> (thats cheesy as hell, please ignore ;-;)

Kay, thats about it! Hope yall enjoy <3


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