Seventy-Sixer: A Turncoat's Revolutionary Redemption Tale | Penana
Seventy-Sixer: A Turncoat's Revolutionary Redemption Tale
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Seventy-Sixer: A Turncoat's Revolutionary Redemption Tale
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Ever since he was a young boy,  British school teacher Thomas Parrish looked up to his father, who had served in the British army as a dragoon , and had desired to follow his example and serve as well. Having already enlisted and moved up the ladder in the ranks to a captain, Thomas is currently serving in the colony of Massachusetts in Boston. Having distinguished himself in the 7 year war, he hoped to earn further merits and most importantly, his father's validation, but all of that went out the window once he witnessed the true colors of the redcoats.  Undertaking the difficult resolve to defect to the rebellion with the assistance of the Sons of Liberty, Thomas finds his world turned upside down, but with the help of a female pirate and an aristocratic scion whose loyalties are with the revolution, he strives to become a critical component of General Washington's earliest spy network. Will his drive to redemption clear his slate?

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