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Stronger Together: Song Book
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Stronger Together: Song Book
Estrella Rose
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Here's the collection of the soundtracks from my book series "Stronger Together" that you can find on my profile. All the lyrics are written by me, while music is created by Suno AI.

Since I found such a good AI app as Suno, I've been obsessed with a wish to start writing my own songs again. I wrote something several years ago, but those works were super terrible, and I wish they never exisited. But now I've come back to this, and I'm now trying to do my best to give you the best experience. I'm not sure if I follow the rules of writing songs, but I'm doing my best to make them better. Writing songs in English is a real challenge to me. So, I ask you not to judge me too hard, and I will be really happy if you check this work out, like it, add it to your reading list, and leave a sweet comment.

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