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Slay The Valley Unyan
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Slay The Valley Unyan
Pono Phantasia
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  • A dead valley has awoken long before a princess, her servant and pet realized its meaning. Five Nautriarch holds their borders in their homeland, not wishing to let anyone in other than taking refuge for the fleeing Nautrens. But they, the very inhabitants of Truth Bearer Unyan, do not know that their beloved foundations is rooted to something evil.

Continuation to Staged Princess following Amerie Noir. Events transpired will occur simultaneously with Four Curses (Coming soon) following the High Princesses against a war against a foreign Kingdom.

> First draft is ongoing

> Will update daily

> First deadline is May 26, 2024

> Deadliest deadline will be July 1, 2024

>Not indicative of the Final Product / Edition

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