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Because You stole my Heart
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Because You stole my Heart
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You stole from me.... You stole everything from me....

You stole my heart....

That's right you stole my heart. It was a Sunday in Vermont. I was alone in my Nana's cafe when you tapped me on the shoulder.  It was a cold day, and I was barely 17. 

"Can I sit here?" is what you asked me. 

My legs were on the little round table. Looking at you twitterpated, while looking at your soft brown hair and your white t-shirt and blue eyes. 

"Oh- Oh Im sorry. Let me move out of your way." I said back to you that day.

"I'm sorry to bother you again but, may I have your number? I can't help but notice how pretty you are." You gazed  into my eye as I thought to my self how sweet and attractive you are. 

A month later we started our relationship. It was the best days of my life, until that unfaithful day of May 16th. I remember it like it was yesterday, how could I not. 

You stole my money....

I got my first job. I remember you asking me to help pay your car note because you got fired from your own, and like the love struck teenager I was, I paid it for you.  Little did I know I was getting paid, and pushed around. 

6 years later, we got married. You got distant. I got depressed, started a second job because I could barely pay rent for us. 

One day I checked my account balance, $139, that's what I had. It was all I had. 

You took my money and spent it on silly things like shoes and a new car. We needed that money. 

You stole my trust...

All this grief, and ALL this stress, you did something I didn't think I a million years you would do. I noticed your weird timing coming home from places I don't know where. Why Jason? Why did you cheat on me. I was nothing but loyal. 

You stole my Life...

It's been a year now. I'm still thinking about you, when I sleep, when I eat, when I breathe, you come to mind. I've got a new job now. It's pretty nice. I get paid well and I'm holding my own.  I can't move on. You're always here, not REALLY here, but in my heart and in my mind.

I have a new boyfriend. Hes nice, but he's not you. He doesn't know I still think about you all the time. Im hurt all because...

You stole my heart.

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