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One Midnight
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One Midnight
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New Orleans native Corinne Broussard still hasn't gotten over her ex-fiancé two years after he left her for another woman. She has tried hard in the past to get over him, but she's still hung up on him and frequently dreams of them getting back together again, though the dreams are weird to her. Her ex-fiance is in old-fashioned clothes and so is she. Though, in the dreams there is always someone else there. Another man. Someone familiar, yet unfamiliar to her. It's always the same dream too and ends in a massive housefire. 

Everything changes when in the French Quarter around midnight, Corinne hears an unusual chamber orchestra in the middle of Jackson Square during Mardi Gras. After the candelight chamber orchestra concert is over, in the midst of it all, she literally runs into a frantic stranger, one of the musicians who claims to have had his flute stolen. It's the other man that she's been dreaming of for the last two years.

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