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Tales of the Four Kingdoms
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Tales of the Four Kingdoms
Robert McCarn
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The Four Kingdoms had to defend their home once already. Twenty years ago, the self-proclaimed, Lord Varamont launched a full-scale war on the inhabitants of the continent of Monmarolin. 

Using his enslaved demons, he made his way across the land slaughtering without prejudice. If they did not submit to his will, they would die. 

In the end of the four year long war, Lord Varamont was surrounded by the human, elf, and dwarven alliance. They had fought hard and had lost many but they had never given up.

Before the alliance could end the sadistic demon wizard, he used his last amount of magic to separate their forces, permanently. He split the entire continent into four islands and filled the empty space between with dark magic of his own creation.

Today, he makes his return to continue where he left off. And this time he would not face defeat.

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