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Making her fall in love
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Making her fall in love
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Sonne City, known for its rebellious citizens, and hostile government, saw an unprecedented scandal of a famous model. With the internet preoccupied with Heza Vernier’s private life, the Riedels’ found the perfect time to implement their decade-awaited infiltration.

Aayden Reidel, the president of one of the massive secret underground organisations, ready to destroy the government, is met with a last hurdle: Vernier. 

Heza, the famous business tycoon and model, a private freak, decided to help her friend by covering up her scandal. Little did she know that she would need someone else to cover up her secret.

When the unforeseen encounters between Heza and Aayden raise more questions than answers, Aayden realises he needs to change his tactic, and Heza realises she needs to hide her secret better.

Hiding secrets from each other, Aayden and Heza are on a cat-and-mouse chase, trying to make sense of each other lies. And the trajectories change when something else enters the picture: love and attraction.

Who will be the first to find out the other’s secret? What will happen when they find something they don’t like? Will Aayden’s principles change after knowing Heza? What will Heza do when things get out of control? Will Aayden’s and Heza’s feelings last until the end?

First Episode on May 25, 2024. 

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