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Lasagne (Soup Book 4)
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Lasagne (Soup Book 4)
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A quadrilogy to Soup! 

With priorities shifted between them, Soup continues to live life in the rolling hills of grass and glistening skies, while Stew and Casserole continue theirs with their family, nestled away from others for the safety of their curious children.

However, their only daughter, Sage, is desperate to see what lies beyond the painted fences and predictability of home; a life her parents no longer lead. 

Ready to discover her own way, Soup is entrusted with Sage and showing her what life has to offer beyond home; just enough so that it can tame her curiosities and she can leave wild fantasies behind her.

But, new dangers lurk in foreign lands. With the lights of guided spirits passing through the night, it's hard to resist the temptation to follow them and see what lays beyond.

Lost spirits are everywhere. Without direction, friend can quickly turn to foe; and the path to find what is lost seems impossible.

Even when it feels darkest, one wild light affectionately called 'Lasagne' shows up to help guide Soup and Sage onwards. 

With their new friend, discovering the strange world together through thrilling experiences doesn't feel so frightening. 

Soup starts to learn that it isn't so bad to let down his guard and lean into his inner child to enjoy the world around around him with Sage.

That is, until the lights beckon for him again...

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Total Reading Time: 49 minutes
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