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Death By Nightshade
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Death By Nightshade
GG Mentos
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In a world on the brink of losing its magical essence, Elowen Nightshade, an Elf of unparalleled courage, rises to the challenge. With the fate of magic hanging in the balance, she assembles a diverse band of six companions, each possessing unique skills and backgrounds. Together, they embark on a perilous journey to save magic from fading into oblivion.

However, their quest is not without opposition. The council of elves, the Elventy, blinded by tradition and fear, vehemently opposes Elowen's mission. Undeterred by their disapproval, Elowen and her companions brave treacherous landscapes, face formidable adversaries, and navigate intricate political intrigues. As the stakes grow higher and the challenges more daunting, Elowen must summon all her strength and courage to lead her band of unlikely heroes to victory and restore magic to its rightful place in the world

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Total Reading Time: 7 minutes
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