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Glorious Atormis!
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Glorious Atormis!
Pono Phantasia
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“Glorious Atormis!” Is an exclamation made by the greatest adventurer that stood on the Core Point—a place where heaven, purgatory and hell can be seen meeting in a twilight eclipse. “And no other place can allow you to fully feel the true power of the expression” Pen desires to be the 2nd greatest adventurer to stand on the core point. “Only then can one feel as well, the true meaning of existence!” But he knows of the countless danger ahead that he has to challenge. Nothing in this great Atormis can be fully explored or provided a solution---a Chorus, a Triavrate, or a magma earthquake, everything is possible once an adventurer sets out for the core point. “Nothing will stop them unless the world kills them!”

Lots of focus on everything world-building

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Total Reading Time: 29 minutes
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