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My Substitute Bride
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My Substitute Bride
Park Juna
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Annabelle Walker, a sweet, kind-hearted yet badass bakery owner, leads a carefree life with her beloved mom, Anny Walker.

Meet Carlos Mancini, the soon-to-be leader of the Italian Mafia. He's your typical arrogant jerk who loves to control every single soul in his life.

After 13 years, Isabella Miller shows up in her little sister Anna's life as a savior to help her in the most difficult circumstances. But in return, Anna needs to be her substitute and call off the marriage with her fiancé, Carlos Mancini. Without thinking twice, Anna accepts to be her substitute. But little did she know that the temporary substitute would make her the permanent Mafia Queen. Carlos would do anything to get what he wants, fair or unfair, and Annabelle is not an exception to this.

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Total Reading Time: 1 hour 21 minutes
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