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The Silent Witnesses
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The Silent Witnesses
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【Handsome straight cop/Mixed-race metrosexual forensic pathologist】

They are working together to solve a series of strange cases!

Every serious case tells a story of life and death, laughter and tears,

all awaiting your investigation...

Free Web Version - Quick Links to Split Volumes 

🔗【VOL. 1 Top Secret】A pregnant prostitute is found dead in a sub-divided unit of Room 7C of Choi Fung Building. Why are there so many suspects?

🔗【VOL. 2 Twelve Old Men】Twelve old men living alone in the Eastern District commit suicide with a smile on their faces, but the forensic pathologist cannot find anything suspicious in their autopsies.

🔗【VOL. 3 A False Step】Five missing people die on the same day, all showing signs of frostbite. But early spring in Heticity is not that cold!

🔗【VOL. 4 Criminal Minds】The clinical psychologist in the police force seems to have a secret...

🔗【VOL. 5 Bog Body】A rare bog body is found in an old well, marking an important discovery of a mysterious case.

🔗【VOL. 6 The Silent Outcry】An internet celebrity died of throat slit in a hotel. The Serious Crimes Unit solves the case swiftly, but somehow there is something fishy about it.

🔗【VOL. 7 Buried Bones】Thirty years ago, there was not enough evidence to prosecute the suspect for murdering his pregnant wife. Is there any hope of solving the case now?

🔗【VOL. 8 The Goddess of Vengeance】Extra! A rare late autumn typhoon attacked Heticity together with a killer posing as the judge and the "Goddess of Vengeance".

🔗【VOL. 9 The Rainy Night Butcher】The door to the sealed memories gradually opens in a rainy night.

🔗【VOL. 10 Going "Potty"】A series of cases occur, all seemingly related to an odd work of art.

🔗【VOL. 11 The Phantom Rapist】A rapist escapes from a lift leaving no trace. Can he be brought to justice by forensic science?

🔗【VOL. 12 Broken But Fearless】The G.O.A.T. of "Kingdom of Fantasy" vanishes just before his final match before retirement. All that is left is a bloody, broken hand.

🔗【VOL. 13 The Shattered Corpses】The dismembered bodies of an old couple comes as a great shock. Yet it cannot be ascertained which suspect is responsible for the murder. 

🔗【VOL. 14 A Lifelong Conviction】Broken body parts from different deceased bodies are sewn up as one. Lying behind are the dark secrets waiting to be spoken out by those silent witnesses. 

* Translated from Chinese. For the work in the original language, please visit https://www.penana.com/story/91119/.

* Explore more in The Art of The Silent Witnesses (including fan arts) (Chinese version)

* Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or persons is entirely coincidental. Please do not commit crimes or imitate any dangerous acts in the story.

* If you like this piece of work, don't forget to comment, like and share!

Due to upcoming publication projects,

updates will be suspended till further notice.​​​​​​​

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