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A Mate for Christmas
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A Mate for Christmas
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A Mate for Christmas

Maeve Connor, 32, is a special education teacher who believes her boyfriend of five years will finally propose during the holidays. To her horror and shock, her boyfriend drops a bombshell that not only will he not propose, but he doesn't love her anymore. Her hopes and dreams have been dashed before Christmas, and she believes she is doomed to never find true love. That changes when she meets the handsome CEO Treyton Bledig.

Treyton, 50, is the CEO and a werewolf. However, it is not just any ordinary werewolf, but the Alpha of the Bloodraven Pack in California. Despite all of his success, he lacks success in his love life. Although he couldn't find his mate, he married and had a child. However, he and his wife divorced, and Treyton is again left alone, making him feel alone, bitter, and jealous of those with someone for Christmas. However, when he meets Maeve, everything changes for him; she is his mate.

This is their Christmas story.

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Total Reading Time: 3 hours 12 minutes
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