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The Trickster King's servant
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The Trickster King's servant
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Story summary: 

When a young girl named Madeline's entire family was brutally killed, it made the young, promising princess simply...snap. She hunts down and kills the murderer of her family, but there is absolutely no evidence other then her eye witness.

(And it is well known that her specific species more often then not will go insane after a death of a family member)

And only evidence she killed him, so she is taken into trial.

Madeline expects and even wishes to be executed, wanting to be with her family.

But things get turned on there head by the king's odd decision...where he chooses her unexpected fate.

To be his indentured servant. 

Wow! I had this idea for a story a looong time ago, and it's one of my first ever story ideas! Unfortunately a lot of my old files sadly got deleted :( So now I'm re-writing it from scratch! It's really fun, and tbh I like this story a lot more now!!! 
All of the things I post for this particular story will be first drafts, because I wanted to see what everyone thought of this, then take everyone's opinions into consideration when I do the final draft!
Edits/reviews are very, very welcome! :D 


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