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Tell Me What The Rain Knows
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Tell Me What The Rain Knows
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The Crown Prince of Culla, Dihojad Fellmore, and his guard, Atreyu Thorn, have been inseparable since the prince picked Atreyu out. They have always been together and Atreyu has done his job well of protecting Diho from harm. One day, something makes Atreyu leave but Diho insists on coming, repaying the loyalty his guard showed him. But things don't turn out well when they get to their destination and they are held prisoner there for a few months with no one in Culla the wiser of what's happened to their prince and his guard.
A few months later, they return but Diho has some interesting secrets that only he and Atreyu really understand. The only thing Diho will say was that he had to help Atreyu through something but the details don't seem to make things clear. What exactly happened those months they were gone?

WARNING: This story contains mpreg or male pregnancy, where men get pregnant by supernatural or fantastical means. This may or may not include asexual (self) impregnation, omegaverse, or general impregnating of a male. Please be respectful of the people who enjoy this niche.

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