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Sweet Reverie
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Sweet Reverie
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“Bad little girl, that’s what you’re acting like,” Jake responds with a witty remark as Gwen places her face mere inches away from him. “Good little boy, all bark and no bite.”

Jake and Gwen were like two peas in a pod, despite only meeting for a day during a vacation. Complete strangers turned into immediate friends. But once vacation ended, and with no guarantees of ever seeing each other again, they exchanged emails.

But it wouldn’t be long until they met again. Jake’s family was moving into a new town, and it turns out Gwen lives in that neighborhood and attends the same high school he’ll be attending. 

With the chance to reunite and possibly blossom their relationship into something else, Jake and Gwen embark on their journey through high school together.

This is an original novel created by the sole author 'Odette D.' 
All content such as the graphic book cover, text, and plot belong solely and rightfully to the author 'Odette D.'

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Total Reading Time: 7 minutes
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