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Sword of Sora
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500years ago, when the legendary,  Tenshin Yumeichro, had created his pioneering swordsmanship that fascinated not just the whole Yamato but the Divinity, a Kami in the form of a Dragon was described to have been descending from the sky and Enlightened him.

From then on, he founded the Ten-Ryu Dojo with countless dedicated followers in seek of perfection in martial art as well as philosophy. And in each generation, a Successor would be selected in order to lead the Dojo and to inherit the Legacies as well- the precious Holy Sword and the moment that allow the Successor to communicate with the Dragon, the Enlightenment which grants one the Power and Wisdom of The Divinity.

Today, the Leader of the 5th generation of Ten-Ryu Dojo is invited by the Yoshie Clan to uphold their Justice by execution of a lynching against their nemesis, the Okada Clan for the accusations of murdering and enslaving their clan members.

Sora needs to choose between whether to act righteousness in the expense of facing the challenge from her best friend, Haru, or to compromise Justice for the sake of friendship and love.

Yet Fate is sadly irreversible and what was planned by IT can never be alterable. 

Until Sora has discovered the true identity of herself and the conspiracy, what would she do to strive against all odds and tragic lay ahead?

Thank you so much to Slashiy (social link below) for hosting the great fanart contest. This short story is based on the original character “Sora” owned by Slashiy and my submission for the contest “SoraSpring”.


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