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Once Bitten, I'm Smitten
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Once Bitten, I'm Smitten
Arianna Courson
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"That's not... oh... oh, Jesus." 

How to date a vampire?  

I'll tell you! 

You'll need to give him hugs, daily, and also... other things. 

Oh, and blood. He needs blood. 

How do I know? 

My boyfriend's a vampire! Or at least I think. 

He's very dark and brooding, but... I notice he loves sweet things. Why doesn't everyone else know that? 

His blood is his coffee, he loves dumping sugar in it. 

It's odd, but I don't judge! I can just get him chocolate. 

So how to date a vampire?  

Good question, I'm still learning. 

Maya Quinn is a nineteen-year-old scholar at her favorite university in Colorado. Although, she also works hard at her desk in a publishing company miles from her school. While cute, kind, and vulnerable, Maya works hard at her desk, and her closed-off coworker, Kai, sits across from her, quiet as hard shadows cross his face. Things took an unexpected turn when Kai expressed his love for her, and she was left staring at him as his lips lay inches from hers, wondering what lay behind those cold eyes. 

Vampire or not, 

She couldn't resist him if she tried. 

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