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Not Your Ordinary Oneshot series
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Not Your Ordinary Oneshot series
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Main series is three books long, about 3 generations of a family.

Book 1 - Nog Your Ordinary Fairytale - about a pair of enemies, Ashton Winters and Angelina Wylde. They hate each other, or so they think. They are tested like crazy, shipped by their little brothers who wished to become brothers-in-law thanks to their social studies textbook, and poor Ash ends up falling for a girl who hates him to the core. What makes it even more comedy gold is that he goes and confesses, received a sad rejection, has to leave town because of his parents, and loses touch with her. 

Book 2: They are back in touch, they marry, have 4 kids, but Angelina, out of complete fear, comes up with a plan to divorce him, and for them to take 2 kids each, to raise with a new spouse. However, neither actually find a new spouse, but their kids are raised with single parents. The kids (save for Lyn) have 0 clue. The eldest is a girl, Ashlyn. The middle children here are twins, Draco and Amira, and the youngest is Oliver. The former two lived with their dad, and the latter, with their mom. The twins become classmates, they hate each other since she breaks his phone, she gets in an accident, he, being around, saves her life by calling 911. Meanwhile, Ashlyn gets her own plot, where she falls in love with a guy in her grade, Caeden. The two hit it off, but he does a huge stage confession, which embarrasses her, and she can't take it. So she ghosts him. By the way, the family is never back together. Sad, huh? Three years after this, Ashton and his two kids move to Paris. There, Draco meets a French girl named Lila. Long black hair, beautiful purple eyes, the whole package. She's important later on. Remember.

Book 3: Draco settles in Paris, he and Lila have a kid, Alyn Winters. She is born into a war landscape, her parents die, she learns to fight from Angie, she becomes an assassin, and is paired with a guy who she didn't know she knew, Ryan Philips. They don't know each other's identities. They have to go on a bunch of missions together. A bunch of stuff happens. 

Some of these may be an adaptation of my real life, some random thoughts which pop into my twisted brain, others, dares given to the characters by my IRL friends. Welp, enjoy!

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